Monday, November 27, 2006

Best 50-year stocks

From Jeremy Siegels "The Future for Investors"

These are the best survivor firms from the past 50 years. Top 10 with annual return.

Stock Annual Return
Phillip Morris 19.75%
Abbot Labs 16.51%
Bristol Myers 16.36%
Tootsie Roll 16.11%
Pfizer 16.03%
Coca Cola 16.02%
Merk 15.90%
PepsiCo 15.54%
Colgate Palmolive 15.22%
Crane 15.14%
Heinz 14.78%
Wrigley 14.65%
Fortune Brands 14.55%
Kroger 14.41%
Schering-Plough 14.36%
Proctor & Gamble 14.26%
Hershey Foods 14.22%
Wyeth 13.99%
Royal Dutch Shell 13.64%
General Mills 13.58%

Note that all are either consumer brand names or pharmaceutical with the exception of Royal Dutch Shell and Crane. There are no tech stocks with the exception of Crane (industrial products). None of these obtained a 20% return by themself. If you wanted to beat Buffett's 22% you needed to buy and sell.