Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Inyx forgeries

Jay Green of Inyx submitted to Westernbank a letter of credit allegedly from Pareto Securities which provided a $300MM short-term bridge financing for a buyout of Inyx. The letter was signed H. Suain, International Operations. Green identified him as Harald Suain.

The CFO of Pareto in an affidavit claimed that 1) There has never been any H. Suain or Harald Suain. 2) The letter is not authentic and not even on authentic Pareto letterhead. 3) Pareto never offered any such letter of credit to Inyx.

In other words, the letter is a forgery. This would be the third accusation of forgey against Kachkar. Apparently he submitted similar letters of credit from Countrywide Bank and also Mellon Bank in the UK. Countrywide has also called the letter a complete forgery.

Who is Harald Suain? The only record that I can find for that name is a guy in Europe who is an agent for a Norwegian Soccer Coach, Trond Sollied. Well Kachkar is a big soccer fan as he tried to buy the Marseille Soccer with the forged Countrywide letter.

The forged Pareto document is online so we can have a look at this signature and see if it resembles the handwriting from the usual suspects, Kachkar, Green or Benkovitch.